8 Mattress Myths Busted

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Shopping for a mattress can be one of the most agonizing experiences ever right from those obtrusive sales people to the number of options. However, a lot of people pay more attention to what people say and do when it comes to buying mattresses. In fact, it is easy enough to buy the wrong product but not when you are aware of the myths that prevail about mattresses. A through online research along with recommendations and referrals from genuine sources can help you take better decisions.

Have a look at these eight myths about mattresses and take your decision.


1. Pillow top mattress


Buying a pillow top mattress is the best option ever as you are not likely to get better comfort in any other mattress. This is one of the most prominent misconceptions that companies have introduced to distinguish their products from that of their competitors. However, the point is that you can create a fluffy bed using a standard mattress when you top it with your favorite cushion or padding. In fact, you will feel the similar comfort with a traditional mattress and there is nothing wrong when you top it with a padding of your choice.


2. Using the bed


Do not buy a bed until it begins to sag although the truth is that you have to start thinking about buying mattresses as soon as you feel the discomfort while sleeping on the bed. At the same time, you have to buy a mattress that lasts for a considerable period of time and comes with a warranty. For instance, when you buy a mattress that recommended by the company and will last for ten years, the warranty period must cover the entire time.


3. Testing the mattress


Unlike the popular myth, lying down on the mattress to test its comfort level is not enough as the genuine feeling of comfort comes only when you sleep on it. This is particularly applicable for those companies that offer a reasonable period of time of trial for the mattress and the shipping rates. Some companies may not offer a trial period or the shipping rates are probably higher than the mattress itself. In any case do not depend on the power nap that you have taken in the store rather try to explain the sales people what your expectations are when it comes to buying mattresses.


4. Blaming the mattress


Do not blame it on the mattress if you toss and turn too many times on the bed. The chances are that you have other health problems that are perhaps coming in the way of your sleep.


5. Firm mattress


Mattresses are inherently linked to back pain although this does not imply that you have to buy a hard mattress for this purpose. Ideally, a mattress should provide relief from pressure and also support your back. The best thing is to visit the stores and look for combination mattresses are suitable for all. Searching the right mattress is a painstaking experience but you have to take it head on for experience ultimate comfort while sleeping on it.


6. Selling mattresses


You might have come across that pushy salesperson several times although they might not have all the knowledge required for selling mattresses. A majority of retailers tend to sell high-priced products pretending that they have intense knowledge about selling mattresses.


7. High-priced mattresses


No matter how much you have spent on buying a mattress, it might not offer you any comfort at all. If you intend to buy a mattress for addressing your back problems, you can talk to your doctor about the right mattress that you must buy.


8. Coil count of mattresses


The coil count has nothing to do with the comfort level of the mattress. In fact, you have to test the mattress and buy the one that feels comfortable and addresses your requirements.

After going through these myths, you will have enough information for buying the right kind of mattress and not follow the myths with blind eyes.

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