Confused about buying a mattress online?

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This is the age of the internet, the age where the physical world literally begins to take shape in the virtual world. Clothes, books, home décor, everything first begins its journey in the virtual world of e-commerce and then it enters the physical world, our lives. Call our generation lazy or smart but buying things online seem to be getting on with us really well. Advancements in e-commerce have made it possible for us to trust what we see. If we can trust a screen for what we chose to wear without touching it, why can’t we trust those screens for essential commodities of life?

 Buying a mattress can be a tough task. Imagine yourself going from a huge store to another huge store (they are huge indeed), being pushed over by a too eager salesperson. What do you end up doing? All you do is get confused after going through similar looking mattresses without a basis to compare and no idea of figuring out the best option for you. How about you get a way out and things get simpler?  While we buy almost everything online, why leave out buying mattresses, your comforting companion online? Out of all the things you buy, mattresses are one of those things that you really want to touch and feel before you buy. But, here are a few reasons that might want you to rethink.


• Cheaper and more options


Surprise! Surprise! While buying a mattress in a store is tiresome and surprisingly confusing (like how hard could it be to buy a mattress), buying it online not only spares your feet all the trouble but also, it saves you money. The ones in the retail store might seem pricey after you visit a mattress store online. It is also surprising that many big brands are already selling their products online. If you already know what brand to buy, just go, click away and save some of your hard-earned money. If you don’t know what to buy, just read the details and make an informed decision.


• No pushy salespeople

Accept it or not but what sends you over the edge while shopping is a pushy salesperson. This might not be that big a deal but if you really can’t get right and not exaggerated details from a salesperson (who wants his big fat commission), what are they even there for? Buying mattresses online is something you want to try if a salesperson lingering over your head annoys you to the core.


• Trial Period

You bought a mattress and you are not happy with it, what do you do? You take it back and go through all the fuss of returning the mattress. Somehow, when you buy a mattress online, you not only sit back and relax without worrying about the transportation but also the trial period before which you can return a mattress is much more (usually a good 100 days). Try it for some days and only once you are sure in your head that you want it, that’s when you really keep it.

It might be the tradition to sit on your mattress before you buy it, but what the online world says is ‘test it before you keep it’. It is obviously a win-win situation, isn’t it?

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