A quilt for your mattress

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For a good and comfortable sleep to wake up fresh the next morning, one needs a perfect mattress. A mattress, the companion of night, can literally make or break your morning after. Every single body type has different needs and it deserves optimum rest. Hence, it is extremely important to get that perfect mattress for that perfect sleep. After you spend some good amount of money to buy that perfect mattress, you need to ensure that it maintains its shape and continues to give the same level of comfort for a really long period of time. After you have a mattress that makes your body feel loved, it is essential to pick out a mattress protector that will protect and love your mattress just like the mattress loves you.


There are many types of mattress protectors available in the market. There are those that protects your mattress against stains and then there are those that provide support to your mattress. After all, this comes the category that pampers you and protects your mattress at the same time. Quilted mattress protectors are usually associated with optimum comfort. A quilted mattress protector comes with a light padding of cotton/polyester/vinyl to give you a cozy feeling while you sleep. The light padding not only gives you comfort but also helps in maintaining the shape of the mattress.


The padding of a quilted mattress protector can be of cotton or polyester or even wool if you want to keep your bed warm all the time. It helps reduce the strain on the mattress and also helps in providing essential support to every part of your body. Along with great comfort, a quilted mattress protector gives you all the benefits of a mattress protector. These mattress protectors come with a variety of range and types. There are lightly padded ones which are perfect for those places which may be hot and humid. The medium padded ones and the heavily padded ones are perfect for a cozy sleep.


If you are someone who loves luxury, there are feather filled quilted mattress protectors too for that ultimate dreamy comfort. Also, if you are planning to give your old mattresses a makeover you can think of getting a memory foam quilted mattress protector and give new life to your old mattress that has lost its comfort without having to spend oodles of money on a new mattress. Since memory foam is great at supporting your body, you will end up having the experience of a new mattress with only having spent dimes on the renovation.


Apart from selecting the padding you want, you can also pick from a range of waterproof quilted mattress protector. These mattress protectors come with a waterproofing layer below or above the padding. This plays a vital role in protecting your mattress against any spillage. Also, human body secretes sweat during sleep, this kind of quilted mattress protector can easily protect your mattress from any fluid absorption keeping your mattresses dry and healthy for a longer duration of time. 


A good mattress protector should be able to keep your mattress healthy and keep you away from those invisible bed bugs. Since a quilted mattress protector is an additional layer between you and your mattress, it will do the trick and you could not be able to ask for anything more.

2 Comment(s)

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