Sleep science is a very important and influencing factor in an individual’s day to day life. If one is having the problem of sleepless nights, and he remains tired all the time, it may be because of the mattress that he uses which may not suit him. So, to get a sound sleep, one must find a suitable Mattress that is comfortable in every sense for the mind and body and of an individual.

The choices of the mattress around the globe is very extensive. One may choose the mattress which satisfies his needs and provides the right Level of comfort needed for a good sleep. The fact that every individual generally spends one third of his life sleeping, makes it immensely important to choose the right mattress.

In order to choose a right mattress, one must know the types of Mattresses that are available in the market and then make a right choice amongst them.
1. Open spring Mattress
These are lighter than other mattresses, easy to turn and are most suitable for guest bedrooms or children’s beds
2. Pocket spring Mattress
These are more luxurious as compared to other Mattresses. These are heavy to turn and are a good option for two people.
3. Latex Mattress
These are filled with latex foam and are highly durable which makes them last long. Good option for those with allergies and asthma.

After selecting any Mattress according to one’s needs and comfort, he must try the mattress himself in order to make sure that it’s right one and also check it’s reviews available through different sources. A person can buy a mattress online also but it is best suggested that in order to choose the right Mattress according to the needs and comfort and after that trying the mattress on his own, he should visit the store to make the purchase.
Once the selection is done and the mattress is purchased, it’s important to Maintain it. The mattress should be properly cleaned and vacuumed and turned (if required) so as to avoid allergies and health issues.

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