Boston Mattress is a well-established brand that is known to provide
international quality sleep system to their clients since 1942. Being
one of the best in the business it continuously strives for
improvement and excellence and hence does regular research to innovate
something even more comfortable for our valued clientele. Boston has
always been very concerned to provide nothing but the best to the
customers, not only in the area of comfort and quality but also has
taken account of the budget.
Boston has made mattresses that are endurable, long-lasting and
comfort. It has been providing high quality mattresses for over few
decades now. Anything and everything that have strong roots,
foundation is always considered to be strong and taking this point
Boston makes sure that the mattresses are made by 100% pure raw
materials. Unlike any other company, Boston has its own unique and
highly technical style of making the mattresses keeping in mind of the
needs of every age group, making them suitable for everyone. Keeping
in mind our various kinds of consumers Boston has developed different
ranges of mattress-Classic Series, Hotel series and Organic Series.
Classic series are the ones that majority of the people have in their
homes, there are many varied types of mattress available in that
section. Hotel series are, just like the name suggests, made to give
you that much needed rejuvenation and break that mattresses in premium
hotels provide. Organic series are made for the nature lovers with
100% organic and natural materials. In our clients we hold some of the
premium hotels and resorts around the world to name a few, Country Inn
& Suites, Novotel, Hyatt Regency, The Park, Grand Mercure, etc. We
have always aimed towards betterment since the beginning years as we
started selling cotton mattresses in 1942, Introduced Pure Natural
Latex mattresses in 1959, started selling natural rubberised coir
mattresses in 1975, introduced Spring mattresses for the first time in
India in 1993, started manufacturing spring mattresses in 2004,
introduced the first online mattress brand in 2011 and Introduced 100%
organic mattress for the first time ever in 2017. All these
achievements are a proof of its dedication and commitment. It values
your money and cuts out the cost of any middlemen by delivering your
handpicked product themselves saving up to almost 40% of your money.

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