why boston

We are glad you asked.

At Boston we believe at night a person can relax and regain the energy for the next full day, for a comfortable night the most important thing is the mattress. We have the best mattress according to every one’s sleep type, we don’t make one or two mattress which suits everyone we have a Specific mattress for every sleep type. 

Love sleeping? We’ll make it more lovable!


Soft OR Hard?

What type of Mattress you like Soft Mattress or Hard Mattress.

Soft or hard
spring or form

Spring OR Foam?

What type of Mattress you like Spring Mattress or Foam Mattress.

Low or High

What height of a Mattress you like, low as 4″ or high as 11″.

low or high
price range

Budget Range?

What range of Mattress you want, looking for a pocket friendly mattress.

So many ways to sleep.

We at Boston have a lot of research and development involved to create a highly innovative products to meet your comfort and luxuries for all age groups. Our forte is to provide mattress to everyone according to there sleep type.

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Customize Your Mattress

Contact Us for a Customized Mattress, According to your Sleep Type or your Bed Shape.