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Basics By Boston Pocket Spring Mattress For Bed

 6,690 15,990

Key Features

  1. Primary Material: Pocket Spring & High Resilience (HR) Foam
  2. Color: White, Blue & Grey
  3. Comfort Level: Medium Soft
  4. BMI Recommendation: Under Weight / Normal Weight
  5. Sleep Style Recommendation: Back Sleeper / Side Sleeper
  6. India's 1st Mattress Brand to Use 100% Pure Sleep Grade Foam
  7. Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  8. Direct From Factory
 6,690 15,990
Step 1: Choose Size Single Queen King
Step 2: Choose Dimensions 72 72 72 72 72 72 75 75 75 75 75 75 78 78 78 78 78 78
Step 3: Choose Thickness 6 8
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A pocket spring mattress contains individual springs, each sewn into its own pocket of fabric. This means the springs in a pocket spring mattress work completely independently of one another and can provide your body with better pressure relieving support. Pocket spring mattresses are gaining good recognition nowadays due to the comfort level one can experience after using them. This type of mattress is quite well-liked because the springs work independently at the right tension. Even if two people share the same bed, these mattresses will support each of them individually, giving them appropriate support. Beginning from head to toe, you will experience deep level of support with pocket spring mattress. People with more weight difference can as well sleep on this mattress as this can adjust according to the contour of your body, thereby providing you good support. To ensure proper back support and quality sleep our mattress is made up of a minimum of 12 layers. Therefore when you buy a Boston Mattress, it will provide the basic value what a spring mattress is expected to deliver i.e. better comfort and support.



A Unique Quilted Cover Includes An Inch Of Cushioning Foam.


100% Pure Sleep Grade Foam


Provides Durable Support From Hundreds Of Independently Coil.

Minimizes Motion Transfer From Tossing And Turning Of Partner.


Proper Air Ventilation For Better Hygiene


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