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Boston Hotel Comfort Pocket Spring Mattress For Bed

 7,990 24,614

Key Features:
1) Comfort Level- Medium Soft
2) Exclusive Edge Wire& Foam Encased Technology for Better Support and Sleeping Surface.
3) Premium Knitted Quilted Fabric
4) Cushioning- Exclusive Pure Shock Absorbing Soft Foam
5) Warranty – 5 Years
6) Non-Flip Mattress

 7,990 24,614
Step 1: Choose Size Single Queen King
Step 2: Choose Dimensions 72 72 72 72 72 72 75 75 75 75 75 75 78 78 78 78 78 78 84
Step 3: Choose Thickness 6 8
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Pocket spring mattresses contain pre-stressed springs inserted into individual fleece or cotton pockets and then clipped among one another or glued on top, middle or bottom. It is the point-by-point elasticity that distinguishes itself from others. The greater number of springs allows more flexibility so that the mattress can better mould to the body shape. Spring Mattresses have a leading edge over other types of mattresses because it provides better support and comfort to your body, an innovation that changed the mindset of the bedding industry which is globally used in the hospitality industry world over. Support is an important characteristic, which positions the body correctly for a restful sleep. The mattress should support body weight evenly over the surface of mattress such that the hip and shoulder area should be accommodated without sagging of the back.
  • To ensure proper back support and quality sleep our mattress is made up of a minimum of 15 layers. Therefore when you buy a Boston Mattress, it will provide the basic value what a spring mattress is expected to deliver i.e. better comfort and support.



Premium Quilted Cover Includes Two Layers Of Cushioning Foam


100% Pure Sleep Grade Foam


Provides Durable Support From Hundreds Of Independently Coil.


Minimizes Motion Transfer From Tossing And Turning Of Partner.


Proper Air Ventilation for Better Hygiene.


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