Nothing is as comforting as a good night sleep. Retiring to bed late at night and waking up in the morning fresh, as the day is a feeling we all adore. This envious feeling can only be achieved by owning the right mattress. The process of picking up your new mattress, transporting it to your bed and getting rid of the old one might be tedious, but totally worth it.

Here are five simple steps to consider while choosing the right mattress.     

  Mattress Type– What type of mattress do you need? 

        There are different types of mattresses, varying from thickness, sizes and prices. They are discussed below:    

 (i)            Innerspring (coils)- The innerspring (coils) mattresses are very durable and can last for decades. They also retain their shapes for long duration considering that the springs are made using different metals. An additional advantage of the innerspring is that it is relatively cheap. This is brought about by the numerous options in the market and thus a decrease in its demand. Innerspring mattresses are traditional and therefore most people are familiar with them.

(ii)          Latex– Latex are known for their high responsiveness, cooling and bouncing effects. There are two types of latex: Natural latex which are organic, user friendly & healthier and synthetic latex are obtained by mixing polymer.

(iii)         Memory foam– These types of mattresses were created by NASA to cushion and protect pilots and passengers during plane crashes. Interesting how they ended up on our beds. They are super comfortable. In addition they provide motion isolation capabilities, returning to their positions after being pressed. They are recommended for partners.

(iv)         Hybrid– This is a combination of different types of foam layers. They come in different comfort levels having different prices according to the quality of foams used.   

(v)          Other types of mattresses include: Adjustable, pillow top and waterbed mattresses.    

 Budget– What is your budget? 

        Go for mattresses with prices within your budget ranges. Expensive mattresses do not necessarily guarantee your comfort and neither do cheap ones too. Keep in mind that cost isn’t quality. You should consider buying mattresses through online shops, as they are cheaper. Also look out for Festive Season deals.

 Firmness– What firmness do you need?  

Different mattresses have different firmness. Under this option, it all depends with the user’s preferences., with others preferring stiff ones while others soft ones. The different firmness includes:  

(i)            Soft– On a scale of up to 10, these lie between 1 and 3. They sink greatly, normally up to 3 inches deep.     

(ii)          Medium– They lie between 4-7 on the firmness scale. The do not hug and sink deeply, between 1 and 2 inches. They are considered being universal comfort mattresses.   

(iii)         Firm– They lie between 8-10 on the scale. Their sink age is minimal of below 1 inch. Sleepers float on top of them.       

 Sleeping Position– What position do you sleep in? 

           People have different sleeping positions. While others tend to sleep on their sides, others prefer on their stomachs or backs. Other people simply switch positions throughout the night. All these positions are essential when determining the right mattress. For back sleepers, an orthopedic mattress is recommended in order to provide the highest level of comfort. This is because the mattress is next to the spine. Foam mattresses are therefore recommended. People who sleep on their sides are recommended to use softer mattresses, which will cushion their hipbones. Consider medium soft mattresses. People who sleep on their stomachs should use mattresses with medium to medium-firmness (numerous options lie in this range). This is to help equally distribute their weight all round.      

Body Weight– How much do you weigh? 

              People with different weights should consider using different mattresses as outlined below: 

 (i)         Light people (upto 70 kgs.)- Consider soft- medium mattresses of firmness 1-5. These would be ideal for your body weight.

(ii)          Average people (70-90 kgs)- Consider medium mattresses of firmness 4-7. These provide the perfect comfort and support. 

(iii)        Heavy people (Above 90 kgs)- Consider firm mattresses with thick comfort layers. These people exert more pressure and would want to go for a firm mattresses.        

Good sleep is inevitable and healthy. Next time you find yourself in the store buying a mattress, consider the above tips. Take your time, looking at all factors. Having a good mattress is an assurance of a good night sleep.

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