Boston Mattress uses the finest material for manufacturing mattresses and other products. They are the most comfortable mattresses and are manufactured keeping in mind the need and requirement of the clients. Mattresses are available in different varieties with different size. The factors that provide Boston Mattresses a side edge over others are as follows :-

FREE SHIPPING :- Boston Mattresses don’t have any shipping or transportation cost involved. One can shop without any tension and enjoy zero shipping charges. The shipping charges are payable by the company itself. The whole process is therefore hustle free and customer friendly.

EASY PAYMENT OPTIONS :- Certainly it is not feasible and easy for everyone to make payment using the same payment method. Keeping its varied customers in mind, the company decided to provide various payment methods to its customers to prevent any delay in the process and keep it straight and simple. All the payment modes are accepted to make the payment process convenient.

INTERNATIONAL QUALITY :- The mattresses are prepared using the finest and 100% pure quality fabrics. They mainly focus on maintaining international quality standards to achieve a bench mark on quality among their customers.

ASSORTED RANGE :- Generally it is very difficult for the customers to select from limited options. The company decided to provide customers with the facility of customising their mattresses as per individual needs. Any size, any shape, any texture and any type of mattress can be selected by the customers as per their own needs and requirements. This creates a customer satisfaction chain and builds customer – company relations. 

EXPERT ADVICE :- People who have back problems or lack of proper sleep or other serious illness are not satisfied with their mattress because they actually don’t know which is a good suitable mattress for them. Boston Mattress provides its customers with technical expert advice so that they can discuss well towards the problem and accordingly select the mattress for themselves.

FACTORY MANUFACTURING :- All the products that are there for sale are manufactured in the factory outlet under one roof with supervision of experts who have good work experience. The benefit that company provides is that the intermediaries or middle men are eliminated and the cost that would have reached ten times more is now within the budget of the customers. Thus saving around 40% of the money of the customers that would have been wasted due to the middle men interference.

All these are USP’s of the company and are the biggest assets on which the company tends to become one of the largest dealer in mattress all over the country in near future.

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