That feeling after having a bad sleep, from drowsiness to headache, from irritation to anger everything goes in vain and the whole day gets disturbed. These are the short term effects while the long term effects take time to develop. Immune system gets affected, respiratory problems commences and other wide range of problems begins. Low quality sleep is due to the lack of comfort cusion mattress which provides warmth and perfect posture for sound sleep. A good mattress makes a person to fall asleep within 30 minutes of lying on it. If it doesn’t happen then the lifestyle of the person is bad and mattress needs to be changed.  Having a bad mattress results in various health issues, some of which are as follows :-

  1. DROWSINESS :- Low quality sleep results in being tired and drowsy . This is due to the lack of proper sleep because of the not so effective and supportive mattress which reduces the strength and alertness of a person in day to day activities.
  1. BACK PAIN :- Having a correct posture while sleeping is important to rest the body and allow the cells to repair but it is possible with only cusion mattress which is soft and supports body weight. Unnatural sleep can twist the back and cause pain. A soft comfortable mattress helps in keeping the back straight and helps in sound sleep.
  1. OBESITY :- Lack of sleep makes people awake in the night and they search for eatables which makes them obese as compared to others. Lack of proper sleep and drowsiness can result in lack of energy and can engage a person to overeating. A poor quality mattress is the reason why a person feels hungry during the day without increase in the physical activity.
  1. WEAK IMMUNE SYSTEM :- Immune system is necessary for the well being of every person as it fights the bacteria or cells which harm the body from inside and protects and keeps the person healthy. Not getting enough sleep makes a person sick. From fever to cold and headache, the entire body becomes weak. A good mattress helps in keeping the immune system well and gives comfort and support.
  1. HEART PROBLEMS :- Eight hours of sleep is necessary for the cells to repair themselves. If it doesn’t happens then somewhere it gets affected in the long run. Cut short of sleep for enjoyment can lead to health hazards like heart problems and weakening of the heart. If a person has a good supportive mattress then sleep can automatically take over enjoyment and can keep a person fit and completely healthy.

Considering all these problems, one solution that strikes the mind is BOSTON MATTRESSES ( ). Boston mattresses having a good cusion like comfortable touch provides great support to back and lower body portion and reduces problems like drowsiness, back pain and other immune related problems. Not only small problems but major problems like heart problems, strokes, kidney related problems and brain related issues all are inter connected and Boston Mattresses does its best to ensure that such problems never strike their customers.


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